The Meaning Behind Adele’s Saturn Earrings

The Meaning Behind Adele’s Saturn Earrings

On the night of the “Adele One Night Only” concert special, Adele wore a pair of Schiaparelli Saturn earrings to match her Saturn tattoo. She was photographed wearing the earrings with a black, structural gown. Adele’s tattoo is very symbolic and relates to her astrological sign.

Adele wrote her song “Hometown Glory” during a very turbulent time in her life. In honor of this time, she wore Saturn earrings during an Oprah Winfrey special. Saturn is also a planetary occurrence; it returns to its exact position every 27 to 30 years. Her Saturn decor earrings are a symbol of her commitment to self-expression. She embraced parts of her personality that she previously felt uncomfortable exposing.

Adele’s Saturn earrings were designed by Daniel Roseberry, the creative director of Italian fashion label Schiaparelli. The earrings feature an orb-shaped surmount capped in gold. The ring contains rhinestones and pearls. The earrings are not for sale. However, you can order a pair of matching earrings made by the same designer. If you’re looking for a pair of stunning Saturn earrings, consider buying them.

Adele’s Saturn earrings are a beautiful addition to her outfit. Her Saturn earrings were a stunning addition to her black gown, which accentuated her tattoo of the planet. Adele has also been very candid about her Saturn return, speaking to Vogue U.S. last year. She also referenced it during her now iconic Instagram Live.

Adele’s Saturn earrings have another astrological significance. According to astrology, Saturn is a planet that takes 27 to 30 years to complete its orbit. She was born on May 5, 1988, so her first return to Saturn would have fallen around 2018. Her Saturn return also signifies a time of transition and new beginnings.